We invite vendors from all walks of the automotive industry to join us in showcasing their products and services at our esteemed event. Whether you’re a parts supplier, a customization expert, or a merchandise retailer, our platform provides an excellent opportunity to connect with car enthusiasts and industry professionals alike.


Commonly Inquired Queries for vendor registration

Have questions about our upcoming car show? We’ve got you covered!

Is there a fee for vendors to participate?

We charge $75 for non-food vendors and $250 for food vendors.  Your vendor booth consists of a 10×10 spot on the grass at the show or trailer if you are a food vendor. More booth space is available for a fee. Please contact us if you need more space.

Are there any restrictions on the products or services vendors can offer?

We will not allow any vendors to sell/distribute alcohol at the show.  Our show is a family friendly event so all booths MUST conform to those standards.

Can my booth be next to my classic car?

The car show is setup so that vendors can maximize their sales. We have vendors in one area of the park and classic cars showcased in another area.  While we will try our best to accommodate your requests, we CAN NOT guarantee that we can get your booth next to your registered classic car.

Will tables, chairs, and other equipment be provided for vendors?

 Vendors are responsible for any and all equipment they will need for the event including a pop-up tent.  We WILL NOT provide power to non-food vendors. If you need power and plan to bring a generator, it must be a generator using quiet technology.

What time do I arrive?

We open the park for vendors to setup at 7 AM the morning of the event. We require that all vehicles are off the park grass at 9 AM to allow for classic cars to be parked in their respective areas.

Can I setup the night before?

We require ALL food vendors to be in place the night before.  With 500 classics trying to enter the park, there is no way to back food trailers into their spots. We encourage non-food vendors to setup the night before due to the chaotic nature Saturday morning pre-show setup.


By filling out this form, you’ll secure your spot as a vendor at our event, gaining access to a prime location to display your offerings and engage with potential customers.

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Vendor Registration & Agreement

Please complete the entire form to complete your registration. If you wish to mail your registration fee, please send check/money order to:

Rigby Hot Classic Nights
4063 E 169 N
Rigby, ID 83442

This registration form along with the booth fee must be received no later than July 1st 2024. All vendor booths are on a first come first served basis, therefore the only way to guarantee your booth is to register with payment in full ASAP.

We accept Credit/debit card or Paypal on the website or you can email us at [email protected] to find a time to drop off cash/check to a member of our team.

Address (with City, State & Zip)
Are you also registering a car into the show?
The only way to have your car at your booth location is to pay for a larger booth area. Our vendor section is not setup for show vehicles. If your booth has a vehicle as part of your display, you will need to ensure you pay for 10x20 or 10x30 booth space for an additional fee.


As a participant of Rigby Hot Classic Nights, I hereby agree to abide by all of the rules and conditions set forth by the City of Rigby as per the codes and/or laws of the City of Rigby, County of Jefferson and the State of Idaho.

Specifically but not exclusive to the following:

*There will be no possession or consumption of alcohol or illegal substances on the park premises.

*There will be no fighting or violence on the park premises

*There will be no fireworks or explosives of any kind on the park premises.

*There will be no firearms, knives or weapons on the park premises

*Vehicles will not be parked or driven on the grass at any time, unless registered in the show,

*I agree to be considerate of my fellow citizens and to not hinder the sale of goods for any other vendor.

*I will forfeit my right to receive a refund on any vendor fees due to inclement weather.

*The organizers of this function must approve any exceptions to these rules.

I agree to all the rules and conditions stated above?
What type of Vendor:
All proceeds will be given to the Rigby Senior Citizens' Meals on Wheels program. You are welcome to donate.
Payment Options: (please note that this registration DOES NOT secure you a spot until we receive payment)

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