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What is the knucklehead rally?

The Hot Classic Nights Knucklehead Rally is NOT a race.  It is a road rally that starts and ends at the Rigby City Park at 250 North 1st West in Rigby on June 29, 2024. There are 15 checkpoints that you can interconnect any way you wish. You text in a selfie from each checkpoint and get points along the way. It’ll be a fun day on the roads of southeast Idaho! If you decide to visit all 15 checkpoints, the total approximate distance is 330 miles. To end the day, everyone will meet back at the park for a well earned BBQ. Your registration gets you 2 meal tickets to the BBQ.

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Have questions about the rally? We’ve got you covered!

How does the Rally work?
  1. You enter as a team (1 vehicle, 1 person…1 vehicle, 10 people…. 10 vehicles, 100 people….) We don’t care!
  2. Rally operations open at the Rigby City Park on June 29 at 0700. The rally start is at 0800.
  3. At check-in you will be given the rules sheet, your rally credentials and your checkpoint list.
  4. Teams must hit the FIRST and LAST checkpoints on their checkpoint list. All other checkpoints are listed in alphabetical order, so you’ll want to take from 0700 until 0800 (rally start) to figure out your route!
  5. There are five different first checkpoints (this is supposed to be a Rally, not a Parade!). More on the first checkpoints below.
  6. Upon arrival at each checkpoint teams will take a selfie in front of the (sign, building, prominent landmark) and text the picture to Rally HQ (the number will be on your checkpoint list).
  7. Rally HQ will record your stop at the checkpoint, pull a card from the 8 deck shoe, record your score, and text back a photo of your card. There are two checkpoints to which HQ will respond with a dice roll. That will be a multiplication factor of the previous checkpoint score.
  8. The cards have a value from 1 to 52 points. The decks will be shuffled as they go into the shoe and reshuffled/reloaded as we start to run low on cards. The “dice roll” checkpoints will get ONE ROLL of two dice.
  9. You don’t have to hit every checkpoint if you don’t want to. The “dice roll” checkpoints are the same for everyone.  You’ll know which one it is once you get your score back from rally HQ.
  10. The final checkpoint is the Rigby City Park. There will be a reception/BBQ at 1700 for all participants.
How much is the registration and what do I get for my money?
  1. Team registration is $35 and includes ONE t-shirt and TWO meal tickets for the BBQ.
  2. Additional t-shirts are also available for $15 each.
  3. Additional meal tickets are also available for $10 each.
The “How does it work” said something about “five first checkpoints”, what if I want to run with another team?
  1. Yep, there are five checkpoints within 20 miles of Rigby. The checkpoint lists are organized into 5 groups. If you want to run with another team just ensure that you’re both in the same group.
  2. Any team that does not hit the correct first checkpoint will not get credit for that checkpoint.
What do I get if I win the Rally?
  1. Bragging rights!
  2. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place will get a location of prominence at the Hot Classic Nights Car Show on July 13th.
  3. There will be trophies for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. They will be presented at the Hot Classic Nights Car Show.
Are there opportunities for EXTRA POINTS?
  1. Anyone who participates in the rally in a vehicle that they intend to put in the Hot Classic Nights Car Show will automatically be awarded an additional 50 points. If you’re running your Show Vehicle it will need to be in the selfies that you text to HQ at each checkpoint.
  2. Every Team should have a TEAM NAME and a TEAM THEME. You will be photographed at the team check-in. During the rally the name and theme will be judged, and points will be awarded by 10 impartial judges. Points will range from 1 to 50 points.
  3. Send in a selfie of your team enjoying lunch! You’ll get some points for that too!
Can I register more than one vehicle for the rally?

Yep, you can register as many vehicles and people on a team as you wish. But if you break up your group into more teams, you’ll have a better chance of winning the rally!

It this a race?
  1. NO, this is NOT a race. It is a road rally.  You are expected to adhere to all traffic laws for the entire duration of this event.
  2. This is a fun day on the road with friends, enjoying the beautiful weather, beautiful scenery of Southeast Idaho, and maybe even some great food along the way.
What if I still have questions?

Contact us at [email protected]

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Price: $35.00
Your $35 registration for the Knucklehead Rally gets you ONE t-shirt and TWO Meal tickets for the BBQ. Additional shirts and meal tickets can be purchased the day of the event.